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7th Apr 2013 (Sunday)


澳門玫瑰堂 免費入場


Ravel - Le Tombeau de Couperin
拉威爾 - 庫普蘭之墓

Boismortier - Concerto No. 2, Op. 15 (Arranged for six English Horn and Bass Oboe)
波易莫提耶 - 第二號協奏曲,作品十五 (改編給英國管及低音雙簧管重奏團)

Morricone - Gabriel's Oboe
莫瑞柯尼 - 加比爾的雙簧管

Iris Liu Wing Sum – Playful Talk for Fifteen Oboes (World Premiere)
廖頴琛 - <<玩話>> 給十五支雙簧管 (世界首演)

Mozart - Selections from The Magic Flute
莫札特 - <<魔笛>>選段

Handel - Music for the Royal Fireworks
韓德爾 - 皇家煙火音樂

Ob•session is the first and an unique ensemble in Hong Kong featuring all instruments of the oboe family. It aspires to bring the wonderful sounds of oboe ensemble and its exciting repertoire to the audiences. Led by renowned oboist Yiu Song Lam, the group consists of players from different Universities in HK, the HK Academy for Performing Arts, prestigious overseas music institutes, as well as professional performing groups.

本樂團 為本地首個全雙簧管的獨特樂團, 旨在為各地觀眾帶來雙簧管合奏的美妙音色和多元化的音樂. 樂團由著名雙簧管演奏家姚桑琳帶領,團員來自香港各大學,香港演藝學院,海外著名學府及專業藝團。
簧管的前身-蕭姆管於巴洛克時期前已一直被用作演奏軍樂。直至十七後半世紀,法國人從改良蕭姆管發明了雙簧管,改進了的樂器性能及音色控制能力令雙簧管得 以進入藝術音樂之領域。在路易十四的皇宮內亦設有雙簧管樂團負責演奏宮廷舞曲、進行曲及歌曲。自此雙簧管樂團成為重要的室樂表演形式,甚至於巴洛克頂峰時 期, 無論在皇宮、軍隊以及政府部門均設有以雙簧管樂手組成的樂團,肩負起不同演出目的。

The Oboe was invented by the French in the second half of the 17th century and modified from its ancestor - the Shawm, which had long been used in military bands. The improved flexibility and sonority quickly brought the oboe into use in "Art" music. At the court of Louis IV, a band of oboes was hired to perform dance tunes, marches and airs. The Oboe band has then become an important form of chamber music. At the peak of the Baroque period, oboe ensembles flourished all over Europe and held important roles in court, military and city music.